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Lee Goodman

Divisional Manager
Specialist areas:
Work at Height, First Aid

Before joining Checkmate & HART, Lee worked for over 15 years as an engineer fabricator welder and then helped run a successful height safety & engineering company for 12 years. This involved dealing with tenders from conceptual design through to completion and drew on a wide range of skills, from designing with architects to surveying, tendering etc. In that time Lee also gained over six years’ experience as a trainer in the world of height safety from basic through to managerial level and since joining Checkmate & HART has added to that with experience in the offshore wind industry and rescue teams.

Luke Harrison

Training Manager
Specialist areas:
Technical Work at Height & Rescue, First Aid

Luke’s experience in the field began with mountaineering and expedition leadership, then industrially as a rope access technician, telecoms rigger and professional rescue team member.

After gaining a lot of operational experience and a passion for the industry, Luke was eager to combine this with another passion of his; instructing and teaching. This passion was realised as young as his teenage years as an Air Cadet before he even had his first job, teaching fellow cadets how to use rifles and navigate their way up mountains.

Luke also manages Checkmate’s on call rescue team, provides consultancy for Work at Height, Rescue & First Aid, particularly in remote environments, and assists with and supervises Emergency Exercises in fields like the offshore wind industry.

Barry Phillips

Trainer & Technician
Specialist areas:
Technical Work at Height, Confined Space

Barry has worked at height for many years across different job roles and industries, including with time served in the Royal Marines. After leaving the Military, Barry became a rope access technician and moved up to become a Technical Manager in rope access and height safety systems. Barry also has a lot of experience in Confined Space work, often combined with rope access in high risk environments. Barry also has the role of Head Team Leader of Checkmate’s on-call rescue team and provides consultancy and advice for general work at height, rescue, rope access and confined space work.

Andy Dunton

Specialist areas:
Work at Height & Rescue

Andy has made a fairly recent switch to industrial work at height after many years’ experience of climbing, mountaineering and working in the outdoor education industry as an instructor and training coordinator. Since joining HART & Checkmate, Andy has gained experience in industrial work at height across different industries like construction, utilities, offshore wind energy and as part of Checkmate’s on-call rescue team.

Diane Chilley

Training Co-ordinator

Diane has been part of the Checkmate family for many years and has been with HART right from the beginning. This has made her a fountain of knowledge and an expert multi-tasker, co-ordinating enquiries, bookings, courses and keeping the trainers in check!